Media5 is a technology and marketing company engaged in providing best in class information technology to businesses to engage their customers and generate new relationships.  The world is fast becoming digital and mobile as more and more of our daily consumption of information is coming from our cell phones.  This has created a new paradigm in the way business is conducted and mobile apps and social media is now on the forefront of engagement with the consumers at the point of interest.  Right on their cell phone.

Our services consist of placement of digital advertising screens in host locations which has high foot traffic counts.  Our ads has a call to action response which can deliver timely information, in real time, right to the consumer's cell phones.  As part of our advertising package, we also include a customized mobile business app tailor specifically to the client and display both on our digital screens as well as the host location business app.

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  1. Tyler Phillips says:

    Im very interested in the investment option

  2. Rob H says:

    More detailed information please. Are office or workshop premises required? Rob H

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