Mobile Micro Websites

Our new mobile website is now launched.  Here you will find many samples of how we can help small business grow!  Go to with your browser.

Moible websites are fast becoming a necessity for companies as the cell phone is poise to overtake PC as the choice of consumers to do search and access the web on their phone With over 500,000 cell phones activated daily, your customers are going mobile and so is should your business.  Statistics have shown that when a consumer tried to access a website and have difficulty navagating it, they will quickly leave the site and the opportunity is lost to engage and to inform.  A micro website is designed specifically for cell phones and serves up the information in a timely manner.  With this in mind, media has prepared a number of demos to illustrate the power and functionality of having a micro website for your business. Here are some examples of sites that we have created to illustrate the power of a micro website.  It comes with a call to action as well as a custom design QR code campaign to help your business with the branding and targeted at a very mobile consumer base.

Here are some examples


Realtor Micro Website                     Yoga Micro Website                                                                                                         Consultant


Retail Micro Website                    Consultant Micro Website


Restaurant/Bar Micro Website              Pub Micro Website




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