Private Digital Network

Have you ever thought of having your own private digital advertising network?  If not, then consider this.  Advertising is all about branding and showcasing your products and services to a highly mobile audience.  Consider the following senerio:

If you are an auto dealership


The placement of digital screens in various host locations throughout the community that features car specials of the week 24/7 catching the eyeballs of everyone that is walking by. The network is owned by the dealership and carries supplimentary ads that compliments the sale of an automobile, ads such as insurance brokers, banks, law firms, real estate, home decos etc.  The display of ads is also complimented by a strong social media campaign with optional blogging  features.  It is also highlighted by a highly customized mobile app that can be downloaded from the app store right on the customer's phone.  this allows your dealership to have an interactive experience with you potential buyer.

Best of all, the service is comprehensive and highly effective in targeting your intended audience.  Ask us about how you can have your own digital network at a faction of what you are currently paying for newspaper ads.  It engages your audience and provide the dealership with positive results of knowing that this advertising works.

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If you are a real estate company


Real Estate companies are another example of how a private digital advertising network can work tirelessly for your company as well as those of your agents.  By owning a digital advertising network, not only is your company image is presented to the community at large but your realtors also benefit from the extensive coverage of their ads 24/7 in full color and sound which also includes a call back feature that promotes contacts with the selling realtor.  It has features that engages the audience and in fact can present details of the house that is sent to their phone for later viewing.  Realty companies can also benefit from complimentary ads from  businesses such as lawyers, insurance, home deco, home staging, gardens and lawns,  landscaping services etc that pays for the network and provide a passive revenue income stream while presenting your own real estate ads to the general public.

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