Mobile Apps Development

With Cell phones becoming more and more the norm in how information is process, its no wonder that consumers are mobile and have their phone on from the moment they get up and to the time they go to bed.  It is becoming the tool of choice for many in how they receive their daily dose of information.

Smart business owners knows that to keep and retain their customer base, they have to be able to connect to their customers.  With a mobile app, their customers are seconds away from receiving updates and specials all on their mobile phone.  Mobile apps for business is fast becoming the tool to reach out to those customers that are highly mobile. The app can broadcast daily specials at predetermine times to engage the customer,

Having a mobile app is cool and it highlights the features and benefits of their business where it counts the most.  It engages and inform all at the same time.

A mobile web experience is vastly different than a desktop one. First, the screens are smaller, simplifying the page call to action. Second, audiences can access the mobile web anywhere, in a variety of new contexts through  QR codes  and  NFC tags . Third, it seems smartphone owners prefer shopping on  mobile websites  over apps. Lastly, smartphone sales are set to out pace PC sales this year, and depending on the industry, about 40% off total traffic is now coming from mobile devices.

We are now able to incorporate PayPal into a mobile app.  by signing up for a business account with Paypal, any small business can now accept credit cards for the purchase of goods in a mobile environment.

Examples or view live samples here:  (these apps are optimized for mobile websites.  The apps are also features the incentive coupons and QR code campaigns that is build into each and every app.)





This are examples of mobile business apps download to a consumer's cellphone to connect and engage the customers with a call to action and an incentive offering.


Customized Loyalty Program based on points or dollar value.  Based on most request freatures from our customers, we are now introducing our brand new customer loyalty program guarrantee more traffic for your business.

loyalty-member-homepageLoyalty Program features

  • Increased spending from existing customers
  • Reduced natural churn rate of customers through better retention
  • Granular loyalty tracking based on points (for spending or other actions taken by customers), and not “punches” on a card
  • Secure points submission and redemption process (only authorized employees can submit points and redeem rewards)
  • Easy member registration process that can be achieved on their mobile devices or any browser-enabled device (tablets, computers)
  • Collect customer contact information (email address) at registration for future reach
  • Highly flexible presentation design of the mobile interface for the loyalty program

Now your business can have your very own loyalty program as part of your mobile platform to engage your customers!



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